Staby Professional

Staby Professional

Perfect Training through perfect control

Everybody knows it either from his Physiotherapist or his Doctor: a fitness equipment needs to be adjusted individually for the one using it , that he can train successfully and healthy. Already small differences from the optimal settings can make a big difference – "too easy" would lead to less effectiveness – "too difficult" would lead to carry out the exercises in a dubious way and can cause health risks – that is why best-possible precision is from utmost importance.

Quality and a fine-graduated setting makes the difference between a professional fitness-equipment compared with other companies who offer less setting possibilities. When no or only coarse settings are possible, the ambitioned user is too far away from the individually necessary load which is a must for optimal training.

The new Staby Professional enables a setting precision by his variable semiball, which is seldom even in a professional equipment range. The free adjustability (from un-trained to athlete) guarantees an optimal training intensity, which precisely and individually exceeds the adaptability of the one using it – exactly as asked by the experts – so it can be used efficiently and healthy.

A Staby Professional accompanies you perfectly adjusted through your increasing capability performance: variable from your starting point till your fully trained athletic body, if it is what you want to reach. Additionally your Staby Professional can be used by other people like family, friends, colleagues or other members of your fitness club. It is available as of now in our Staby-Shop.

Staby Professional – A Staby for all purposes.

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Staby Fitness-Video

The online Fitnessvideo is here!

Get to know Staby per Video

You don’t know Staby yet? You want to be informed fast and completely? Have a look at our new 7- minute Staby Fitness-Video online. Andrea Burkhardt presents her invention and walks you through a workout which is outstanding. Experience the manifold possibilities to use it for a effective full-body training, which can be used for Young and Old. The medical background is explained in simple words by Dr. med. Klaus Keller, Orthopaedist and Rheumatoligist.

Look at our Online-Fitness-Video now

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Staby - European Patent

The European Patent is granted!

Moveable Weights for different User Profiles

The principle of the movable weights from the Staby Fitness equipment gives the user the possibility of an even more precise trainings-control. The trainings-intensity can be adapted to the different user profiles.

Therefore Staby Fitnessequipment can be used for the whole family or for different users in a Fitness-Studio or Office. We offer the Staby user a even more secure future since Staby can be adapted to the increasing fitness-level. Moving the weights is easy and fast. That is why we got that patent.

European Patent

Patent and Quality of Staby Equipment

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Staby - made in Germany

Staby Fitness Equipment

Unmistakable - "Made in Germany"

Like everything which is good, perfection shows in the details and never ends. When developing our Fitness equipment we make sure to consequently use unmistakable design and protected brands. The maximum of security and quality are for us – and am sure also for you the uppermost principle. And exactly because of that "Made in Germany" applies for all products of Staby as mark of quality.

Take a look at our brand documents of our Fitness equipment: Staby, Flexi–Fun, Proprio–Bar, Core-Bar, Vitalmed,

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Unique Characteristics

For sure genuine and unique

The original and its characteristics

When being successful you can be sure you are copied. Watches of a trademark are being copied and its "quality" is notorious. Specially from the Asian market you find faked fitness products in our regions, which are difficult to recognize as such. Do be sure always that you have a original Staby in hands, there are lately different security marks, which not only make you feel the quality difference but an optical control possibility as well.

Staby Quality- and genuine characteristics

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Staby Wallpaper

Staby Wallpaper

The most beautiful pictures for your Computer

By using the original Staby background pictures you create a unique appearance of your computer. It is finally over with boring background colours and pictures! Choose a wallpaper on your screen dissolution and show your individual and sportive side.

Staby Wallpaper Gallery

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Quality - Made in Germany

It's Staby-Time!

Staby fitness equipment is always ahead of its time to offer you the perfect training today and also tomorrow.

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