Patent, Security & Quality

Approved quality

Security & Quality

The Staby fitness equipment is unmistakable

Everybody should take it for granted that a fitness equipment meets high security and quality. The permanent quality check with Staby offers you exactly this security. Our German production plants and test laboratories work with the highest production and security standards - for us "Made in Germany" means what you expect from us.

Specially with a dynamic fitness equipment like Staby the security and the quality of the product is an important characteristic. That is why detailed endurance tests by official and independent observers are part of the normal production course. Special importance for us is the examination of it being odourless and colourfast so you are all happy.

Our uppermost principle is to be able to give you a product which is of no danger to the user . The only danger is that you get addicted!

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Unique characteristics

You will recognize the Original

Special codes on the handle

To be able to identify Staby for sure there are different (stamped) distinguishing marks on the handle. The CE-certificate stands for tested security. It is followed by two figures to enable us to tell from which product series Staby is. This way we are able to classify each Staby und we can guarantee its genuineness. Those symbols are followed by the stamped Staby-Logo. This way we can be sure to have the Original. In addition to it we can feel the difference by quality and material condition. Only when all is perfect it is a Staby original.

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European Patent

The Staby patent

... not only a simple swing-pole

On June 6th 2001 the Staby fitness equipment was registered as patent by Andrea Burkhardt the developer of Staby.

The task was to develop an equipment which is not too heavy, cost-effective when produced and give the possibility to use it in wellness-, sport-, and leisure area as well as in the aerobic area. The usage should be for everyone and possible to use without guidance of a therapist. Here you can have a look at the Staby patent (EP 1266676 B1).

In the following development the first Staby prototype was introduced.

Staby Prototype

The success story of the Staby fitness equipment is proved by thousands of sales.

Since 2001 different European and one US patent application was published:

  • EP 1550483 A1
  • EP 1266676 B1
  • EP 1266676 A2
  • US 20030054925 A1

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Equipment evolution

Staby Evolution

Staby is constantly optimized to meet the different demands.

The Staby Evolution makes sure that you have - now and in the future - the ideal product for your special wishes and requirements.

  • 2001 Prototype
  • 2002 Staby lite
  • 2003 Staby plus
  • 2004 Staby pro
  • 2005 Staby Professional

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