What is Staby?

Staby Fitness-Equipment

Staby the Original

The patented trainings equipment

Use the training equipment by taking hold of the middle of the handle, either with one hand or with both. With your own body-strength and little movements of the hand the Staby is being put into swinging motions.

The effect of it is to give the necessary impulse continuously and always at the right moment to have a regulated and rhythmic movement. The user should maintain this movement.

Goal is, to improve characteristic motion like power, coordination and mobility. The training equipment not only trains the stabilizing muscles but at the same time the "grey cells".

The flexible trainings equipment

It is from utmost importance to give the user the possibility to reach different training- and fitness levels when doing stabilization training. Staby meets this necessity and is therefore of big importance for this training.

Due to the unique possibility to exchange the end parts of the training equipment, e.g. to move the half-bowl to change the intensity, Staby convinces in an unique way and is suitable for any level of training. This flexible adaptation is patented and therefore Staby is unique in its possibilities.

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Staby Fitness Equipment: made in Germany

Staby in detail

Made in Germany – modern and patented

Staby is a patented training equipment. It is made of ultra-modern glass fibre sandwich construction material. This material was originally developed for space travel, and in the beginning of this century modified for use in sport, therapy and leisure time.

At the ends of the pole you find the safety caps, which on one side control the ability to swing and on the other side protect the high-grade glass fibre pole. The handle, which is shown as a thicker part of the pole is done in a special developed procedure. This procedure is necessary to enable a maximum of swinging transfer from the hands to the body. The handle is specially developed not to hinder individual training when doing different swinging frequencies.

Investigations have shown, when having different handle-fixations e.g. with a screw to fix it or other variations, it affects the periodic and harmonic expansion- and stretching movements of the pole unfavourably.

High-Tech made in Germany

An important part our company philosophy is to produce our products in the country we sell it to create jobs. Therefore Staby training equipment is produced in Germany. The used materials are odourless, colourfast, without latex and skin friendly with FDA and BgVV licence. You find our examination report regarding product security and quality of our training equipment in Patent & Quality.

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Staby Professional

Staby Professional

The new Staby Professional is our consequent further development of our 3-in-1 training equipment Staby.

Next to the exchangeable end pieces one can mount the half-weights which can be shifted on the pole.

That’s how the user adjusts the additional intensity. The stimulation frequency of the Staby training equipment can be adjusted exactly to coordinate the ability of the user.

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