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More often not only the few active athletes but also those who are sportsmen suffer from weak posture or even postural deformity. This applies, above all, to achievement oriented sportsmen, who have developed a certain stereotype or pattern of movement during years of daily training.

The equalizing training for sportsmen with Staby favour the concentration-, balance- and change capability as part of a improved coordination and deep sensitiveness.

Sport- activity, specially of top athletes happens first in the head. This shows the experience of trainers and sportsmen. One cannot even reach long lasting top performances through a well planned trainings programme. So mental training is necessary too, because sport and top sport is much more then training of condition and power, technique and tactic.

The training with Staby is not only a physical but also a mental equalizing training. All movements are meant to be done relaxed, concentrated and consciously.

  • Staby contributes to the awareness and improving of posture, stabilisation of the whole body and the three-dimensional mobilisation and centre of the joints.
  • Staby improves the stamina of shoulder- and trunk
  • Staby helps to reach a more functional loading of muscles and ligament.
  • Staby stabilizes the spine and joints.

The sport specific training programmes of Staby should help you to reach your goals and desires.

The following principles stand for all sport specific training programmes:

  • concentrated movements
  • stabile straightening of your body
  • coordinated movements
  • constant breathing

Additional training information for all programmes:

  • maintain the swing in end position for 5 to 20 seconds
  • 5 to 20 repetitions, change hands often
  • when changing directions keep the movements slow and flowing without loosing the swing, then another change of direction, then speed up again.
  • Start with low frequency and small swing
  • After using the exercise correct change the setting and increase the frequency
  • Before ending the swing increase the frequency

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Competitive sport with Staby

More and more professional athletes integrate Staby in their training programmes. Read what those top athletes and their trainer say about Staby.

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