Staby Fitness-Equipment

Staby the Fitness equipment

Dynamic and full of energy

Whether it is a tense neck, a sudden lumbago or an incarcerated neck – nearly everyone has had back problems at some time. Nowadays these complaints are among the commonest health problems of modern industrial societies and cause treatment costs in the billions.

Staby the fitness equipment helps to prevent and offers solutions to spinal problems. When training with the fitness equipment it increases the sensomotoric function. By effective training you improve your stability and power, balance, concentration, stamina and many more.

Training of the deep muscles & stabilising muscles

We are talking about a fitness equipment which takes care of the stabilising muscles, which are also called deep muscles:

  • On the one hand there are the local segmentary muscles (deep muscles) which cannot be measured in the training field and cannot be checked. These muscles work involuntarily and are optimally activated by the Staby training. (Small movements are a prerequisite) Staby is one of those fitness equipments who train those muscles.
  • On the other hand, major Staby movements will provide for excellent stimulation and training of "global" postural musculature (stabilisation muscles); however, training of global back muscles should only be based on segments with stable alignment.

A fitness equipment for all reasons

Staby can be used perfectly for fitness as an:

  • additional equipment in gymnastic- aerobic classes, in stabilisation classes and at all kind of body forming training.
  • In the fitness equipment sector staby is excellently suitable to activate the coordination ability before starting a Power Training.
  • In personal training Staby fitness equipment helps with postural deformities, weak postures, instability of the shoulder and other typical problems of today’s society.
  • For fitness in a company Staby offers a perfect possibility for loosening up muscles, relaxation, activation of coordination, movement sensitisation and last but not least to increase your overall wellness.

Time factor: you can activate more muscles in less time and you reach positive training results much faster.

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Flexible Training-Methods

Staby Training Methods

Staby Zen Emotion:

Those exercises give you body awareness and balance. A harmonic mix of eastern and western training-forms – perfected by the use of the Staby training equipment. Attend one of our Staby Zen Emotion Workshops close to you.

Healthy Back – Bodyforming:

This are exercises which help to stabilize and strengthen your skeletal muscles. The ingenious technique of the equipment with its individually adjustable intensity and an integrative training method guarantee you a fitness level and an effective and sophisticated body workout. Attend one of our Staby Healthy Back - Workshops close to you.

Ballooning & Staby:

By ultimately combining two concepts you can improve movements and course of training effectively – the maximum plus of exercises both on muscular and energetic level.

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Staby ist die Achse des Guten ;-)

Staby Training at the Fitness Studio

Hundreds of Fitness Studios and Wellness Institutes offer Staby fitness training under supervision of professional trainers and of course in groups. Join us!

Staby Fitness-Studios

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