How does Staby work?

Impacting the whole muscle system - including the deep-muscles


Training for a improved body posture & stabilisation

The swinging Staby training equipment achieves an exceptional deep going reaction of the body through its vibration: the reflective strain of the torso, which cannot be reached consciously. This kind of training is highly effective and gentle at the same time.

When doing exercises with the Staby training equipment the swinging of the pole is transferred from the users arm and shoulder to his body. The shoulder- and pelvis region should not give way to the swing. In all positions lying, sitting, standing or moving you can activate your muscle groups. Training with Staby can improve your bodily improvement, if you do the exercises training- oriented and regularly. 15 minutes daily and you will feel the success.

Through regular training with our Staby trainings programme you can:

  • activate your muscle ensemble
  • improve your posture
  • promote your ability to coordinate
  • improve your deep perception
  • increase your ability to concentrate
  • stimulate your metabolism and cardiovascular system
  • compensate your muscular deficits and dysbalance
  • tighten your belly-, legs and bottom

There are only a few exceptions not do us Staby training equipment:

  • inflamed irritation of arms, shoulders or spine
  • sensory radiation like e.g. signs of paralysis of arms or legs
  • during pregnancy

People with high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems or diabetes should consult a doctor before starting the training.

Principles for Staby-Training:

  • concentrated movements
  • stabile straightening of your body
  • constant breathing
  • changing of the tool when you train correctly and
  • increasing the frequency

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Medicine recommends Staby

"Staby activates most of the six hundred muscle-groups. There are only a few muscle groups which cannot be reached. Specially promoted, for the modern people in our society today, is the postural muscle."

Dr. med. Klaus Keller
- Orthopaedist
- Rheumatologist

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